Friday, March 29, 2013

Its Been a While…

Life has been busy.

We have had a gymnastic performance
Meeka showed off her skills at TWIGS

The Blue and Gold Ceremony for Cub Scouts, where Logan earned his Wolf Badge.
Logan and his fellow Cub Scout Friends

We won a goldfish (which took a tragic turn to end his life by falling into the garbage disposal!) and a cake at the school Jamboree.

Goldie the goldfish lived for 4 days
Melina chose one of the cakes that we spent all day that Friday
 driving around town to pick up.
(I was in charge of all the cake donations for the event.)Guess she was eyeing them up all day deciding
 which looked the best to her!

I spent some time making Dora invites for Meeka's upcoming birthday.

We didn't do to much to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but I made a special dinner for the kids. Green Pancakes with rainbow sprinkles. and green milkshakes.

And then it all started…the sickness. We had 2 weeks of sickness. Melina was even so bad that we had her at children's. This has not been fun virus!! And of course this is 4 days before we leave for our trip t Las Vegas. What a rough week!! 

Bur we made it….and we had an AWESOME time!! We are ready to go back again or go away again, somewhere, anywhere.... We had so many laughs….pink velvet gorilla suits, backing up scooters, free t-shirts, a fantastic town car ride and getting drinks bought for us (by us I mean Astrid & not, not Michael and I) by other guys… oh so many good memories!

And now that we have been back the kids have been in Easter mode this week, so we have done many Easter Projects. My first project though (Ok, it wasn't my first, or even close to first) was getting down the Christmas lights before Easter! Classy, I know!

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