Monday, April 22, 2013

Baked Tacos

I saw this on Pinterest last week and thought I's give it a try…seriously, why have I not been doing this for years????

My kids love tacos, and I usually have all the ingredients on hand, but the mess, oh the mess, that comes with tacos….please say you all know what I am talking about?

So here's the thing. I made up the meat and stuffed hard corn taco shells with the meat and cheese. I did this all in the early afternoon and then I put them in the fridge. Later I pulled them out and baked them for about 10 min at 400. The the kids put their preferred toppings on and ate away! The hard shells were not soggy, but they were not so crisp that the shells fell apart the moment you took a bite. And the meat and cheese was all melted in and didn't fall out, which made for a MUCH NEATER taco eating experience!!!!

If you have kids you will NOT regret trying this! It made for an easy, make ahead dinner with little clean up! Can't beat that!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why I Love Having Boys and Girls

I know I am lucky; I have the quintessential American family (a boy and a girl) times 2! After we had Logan and Melina, everyone asked if we were finished now that we had a boy and a girl. My answer surprised some!! I have always wanted a larger family, so nope, we were not done at 2. I love having  boy and a girl. I also love that my girls have a sister and my boys have a brother (although thats all left up to chance, it did turn out perfect)! I would have been happy with all 4 of the same sex, but I enjoy having both. I grew up with only a sister, so all the boy stuff was foreign to me. I love that my kids know just as much about stuff that is not typical boy or girl.

  • My girls know every character in Star Wars.
  • My boys can name every My Little Pony.
  • My boys love gymnastics and art just as much as the girls.
  • The girls love sports just as much as the boys.
  • Everyone is our house will build Legos and forts and play house.
  • I love catching the boys playing with the dollhouses.
  • I love watching the girls play pirates.
  • Its cool to see princesses and trucks in the same "game"
  • My girls love to go hiking, touch creepy crawlies and get dirty.
  • My boys love to listen to music and dance.
  • My boys will helpfully understand the drama of women one day.
  • My girls will hopefully understand that boys can be insensitive and still care.

Yes, they fight (some days, all day!), but for the most part, they enjoy playing with each other. I enjoy playing make-up as much as football with all of them!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops

Today is Meeka's birthday celebration at school. We have combined some of her favorite things for an easy to eat (hopefully!) little treat for her class. 

She and I made Strawberry Cake Balls, which we dipped in some white chocolate and placed in a small waffle cone. We let those harden slightly in the refrigerator.

Then I dipped them in yellow melting chocolates and put some purple sprinkles on top.

A Perfect little Treat for little hands!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Meeka is 4: Dora Birthday Party!

My little Meeka turned 4 on Sunday! 
Happy Birthday Miss Meeka!

She is a very opinionated and tough little girl who know what she wants!! 
  • Favorite Colors: 1. Purple 2. Yellow 2. Pink
  • Favorite Character: Dora
  • Favorite Toy: Anything Mermaid
  • Favorite Accessory: A Tiara (she wears one every day!) 
  • Favorite Clothes: Anything with short sleeves & skirts
  • Favorite Sports: Swimming & Gymnastic & Dance
  • Favorite Games: Candy Land, & Sequence for Kids
  • Favorite Songs: Strawberry Shortcake, Time of Dying, Just Dance, Catch My Breath & Strong & Call Me Maybe (yes, she is very into her music!)
  • Favorite Food: Strawberries 
  • Favorite Treat: Ice Cream
  • Favorite Animal: Cat (because we have 1 she LOVES, although he doesn't always love her!)
  • In her "Spare Time" she loves to: Color, Do Hair & Do Puzzles
  • What She Wants to Be When She Grows Up: A Rock Star!

Since Dora & Swimming if her Favorite, it was a no brain to have a Dora Mermaid Swim Party!
Backpack Invites

We made Map the inside of the Backpack

Little Dora Mermaid Centerpieces

Purple & Yellow Dora Cake

Say Cheese!

Singing Happy Birthday!

Enjoying Cake & Ice Cream!

It sure was Yummy!

I made a "Pin the Crown on Dora" game

Swim Time!

The Favor Buckets.
Since it was Mermaid themed, I thought we'd go with summer!

The inside View

Some of the goodies inside

We made Map and Meeka signed her name, thanking her friends for coming!

Our Thank You Cards that will be going out this week to our friends!

It was a Perfect Party Weekend for our Special Little Girl!

Friday, April 12, 2013

It's finally feeling like Spring!

It was finally warm enough to go to the park this week. Lets hope Spring has finally sprung!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reading Rainbow

As many of you know, Meeka struggled with her speech. She actually didn't say any words besides a couple like mama, dada, gaga (for our cat) until she was about 2 3/4 yrs. old. She attended the Help Me Grow Program and graduated at 3 last year (You can check out her speech struggles here, and here and her graduation here). Her personality is one where if she thinks, or knows, she can't do it perfectly, she just doesn't try. Which is why when she finally did start talking she was actually saying real words and sentences. She is that way with the Wii now. She thinks she can't play it well, so she would rather just watch everyone else.
Meeka's bed full of books she "read" the night before.

She has always been interested in books, but she has never been one to sit and let you read. My guess is that this is part her personality, but part her speech delay. She just couldn't engage in talking about the books. However, she has always been interested in books. I find her bed littered in stacks of books every morning. She will sit down and "read" for hours by herself, but she never wants you to read to her. And if by some change she did want you to read, she lasted all of 2 seconds before she stopped listening and started doing something else.

That is until yesterday, when she brought me 2 books first thing in the morning. In the midst of the morning chaos of getting Logan and Melina on the bus by 7am, I sat down with her. I thought I'd be back up in 5 seconds to continue my chores. NOT THE CASE! She sat and listened to both books. And later yesterday afternoon, she brought me 3 books and she sat contently and listed to all 3 of those books! It was truly amazing; just like looking outside and seeing the miracle of a rainbow! I am still reeling that my little girl (who will be 4 on Sunday!) has finally started letting me read to her.  What a blessing!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oh the drama!

With boys its black and white. They are either friends or they're not. They like something or they don't. They listen or not. Yes, they may have a lot of physical energy, but nothing compares to the mental energy to takes to raise girls!

With girls, its nothing close to black and white…its 50 shades of gray! I am finding out very early (I am talking 5 yrs old!) that everything is drama. EVERYTHING! Its rather exhausting! I know the saying boys are harder when they are younger and girls are harder when they are older, but if older means 5-18, I am in it for a LOOOOONG ride!!! In fact, I may be in a mental hospital before either of my girls turn 18.

For example last week I packed Melina a sandwich on cinnamon bread as a treat. When she got home I asked her how she liked it. Here was her response. "When I tried it I liked it, but then X said she didn't like cinnamon bread and so that made me go lower on the BFF pyramid. And Y got to move up, all because X didn't like that I had cinnamon bread in my lunch!" Seriously, WHAT?!!! A BFF pyramid in Kindergarten? Where are they getting this?? I do not remember anything like this in Elementary School. Granted, I am not that smart and I am old, because in her words, "Daddy is smarter, but mom, your older!" But honestly, I am not sure if I can handle 12 years of this!

Or maybe it will just be a stage for now (please tell me that's the case!). As one gets easier another gets harder. The problem is I always have 2 in a hard stage if 2 are easier. 

She is oh so cute. And honestly she is the first to sincerely wish you a Happy Birthday, or ask how your day was. She has great qualities, but right now she is driving me nuts!