Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oh the drama!

With boys its black and white. They are either friends or they're not. They like something or they don't. They listen or not. Yes, they may have a lot of physical energy, but nothing compares to the mental energy to takes to raise girls!

With girls, its nothing close to black and white…its 50 shades of gray! I am finding out very early (I am talking 5 yrs old!) that everything is drama. EVERYTHING! Its rather exhausting! I know the saying boys are harder when they are younger and girls are harder when they are older, but if older means 5-18, I am in it for a LOOOOONG ride!!! In fact, I may be in a mental hospital before either of my girls turn 18.

For example last week I packed Melina a sandwich on cinnamon bread as a treat. When she got home I asked her how she liked it. Here was her response. "When I tried it I liked it, but then X said she didn't like cinnamon bread and so that made me go lower on the BFF pyramid. And Y got to move up, all because X didn't like that I had cinnamon bread in my lunch!" Seriously, WHAT?!!! A BFF pyramid in Kindergarten? Where are they getting this?? I do not remember anything like this in Elementary School. Granted, I am not that smart and I am old, because in her words, "Daddy is smarter, but mom, your older!" But honestly, I am not sure if I can handle 12 years of this!

Or maybe it will just be a stage for now (please tell me that's the case!). As one gets easier another gets harder. The problem is I always have 2 in a hard stage if 2 are easier. 

She is oh so cute. And honestly she is the first to sincerely wish you a Happy Birthday, or ask how your day was. She has great qualities, but right now she is driving me nuts!

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