Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why I Love Having Boys and Girls

I know I am lucky; I have the quintessential American family (a boy and a girl) times 2! After we had Logan and Melina, everyone asked if we were finished now that we had a boy and a girl. My answer surprised some!! I have always wanted a larger family, so nope, we were not done at 2. I love having  boy and a girl. I also love that my girls have a sister and my boys have a brother (although thats all left up to chance, it did turn out perfect)! I would have been happy with all 4 of the same sex, but I enjoy having both. I grew up with only a sister, so all the boy stuff was foreign to me. I love that my kids know just as much about stuff that is not typical boy or girl.

  • My girls know every character in Star Wars.
  • My boys can name every My Little Pony.
  • My boys love gymnastics and art just as much as the girls.
  • The girls love sports just as much as the boys.
  • Everyone is our house will build Legos and forts and play house.
  • I love catching the boys playing with the dollhouses.
  • I love watching the girls play pirates.
  • Its cool to see princesses and trucks in the same "game"
  • My girls love to go hiking, touch creepy crawlies and get dirty.
  • My boys love to listen to music and dance.
  • My boys will helpfully understand the drama of women one day.
  • My girls will hopefully understand that boys can be insensitive and still care.

Yes, they fight (some days, all day!), but for the most part, they enjoy playing with each other. I enjoy playing make-up as much as football with all of them!

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