Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter! 

The weather finally turned nice, so we go out for an Easter egg hunt yesterday called the Egg Drop. There were 3 helicopters, 100, 000 eggs and about 3,000 kids! There was a lot of waiting for about 2 minutes of egg collecting, but the helicopters were very cool to see. And Carson LOVED it! All the kids enjoyed it, but he LOVED it! And it made me so happy that we did something that he got the most enjoyment out of, because usually the tables are turned and he is dragged to everything. 

Waiting for the Egg Drop

Carson entertained himself with his basket for an hour!

Another Helicopter

Collecting Eggs

On Easter morning, the kids woke up to find outdoor fun themed Easter Baskets. They got flip-flops, water guns, flower seeds, bubbles, chalk, hula-hoops, etc. We just don’t eat or need very much candy in our house, so the kids got very little this year.

Easter Baskets
The bunny also left a big puzzle for us to work on!
 We had my sister and her husband and 2 kids who were traveling through the area and Michael’s sister, husband and Sammy Reese for brunch. It was awesome to have all my kid’s cousins together! We had an Egg Hunt in our front yard, the kids played nicely together and we ate and drank hartily!


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