Monday, April 15, 2013

Meeka is 4: Dora Birthday Party!

My little Meeka turned 4 on Sunday! 
Happy Birthday Miss Meeka!

She is a very opinionated and tough little girl who know what she wants!! 
  • Favorite Colors: 1. Purple 2. Yellow 2. Pink
  • Favorite Character: Dora
  • Favorite Toy: Anything Mermaid
  • Favorite Accessory: A Tiara (she wears one every day!) 
  • Favorite Clothes: Anything with short sleeves & skirts
  • Favorite Sports: Swimming & Gymnastic & Dance
  • Favorite Games: Candy Land, & Sequence for Kids
  • Favorite Songs: Strawberry Shortcake, Time of Dying, Just Dance, Catch My Breath & Strong & Call Me Maybe (yes, she is very into her music!)
  • Favorite Food: Strawberries 
  • Favorite Treat: Ice Cream
  • Favorite Animal: Cat (because we have 1 she LOVES, although he doesn't always love her!)
  • In her "Spare Time" she loves to: Color, Do Hair & Do Puzzles
  • What She Wants to Be When She Grows Up: A Rock Star!

Since Dora & Swimming if her Favorite, it was a no brain to have a Dora Mermaid Swim Party!
Backpack Invites

We made Map the inside of the Backpack

Little Dora Mermaid Centerpieces

Purple & Yellow Dora Cake

Say Cheese!

Singing Happy Birthday!

Enjoying Cake & Ice Cream!

It sure was Yummy!

I made a "Pin the Crown on Dora" game

Swim Time!

The Favor Buckets.
Since it was Mermaid themed, I thought we'd go with summer!

The inside View

Some of the goodies inside

We made Map and Meeka signed her name, thanking her friends for coming!

Our Thank You Cards that will be going out this week to our friends!

It was a Perfect Party Weekend for our Special Little Girl!

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