Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reading Rainbow

As many of you know, Meeka struggled with her speech. She actually didn't say any words besides a couple like mama, dada, gaga (for our cat) until she was about 2 3/4 yrs. old. She attended the Help Me Grow Program and graduated at 3 last year (You can check out her speech struggles here, and here and her graduation here). Her personality is one where if she thinks, or knows, she can't do it perfectly, she just doesn't try. Which is why when she finally did start talking she was actually saying real words and sentences. She is that way with the Wii now. She thinks she can't play it well, so she would rather just watch everyone else.
Meeka's bed full of books she "read" the night before.

She has always been interested in books, but she has never been one to sit and let you read. My guess is that this is part her personality, but part her speech delay. She just couldn't engage in talking about the books. However, she has always been interested in books. I find her bed littered in stacks of books every morning. She will sit down and "read" for hours by herself, but she never wants you to read to her. And if by some change she did want you to read, she lasted all of 2 seconds before she stopped listening and started doing something else.

That is until yesterday, when she brought me 2 books first thing in the morning. In the midst of the morning chaos of getting Logan and Melina on the bus by 7am, I sat down with her. I thought I'd be back up in 5 seconds to continue my chores. NOT THE CASE! She sat and listened to both books. And later yesterday afternoon, she brought me 3 books and she sat contently and listed to all 3 of those books! It was truly amazing; just like looking outside and seeing the miracle of a rainbow! I am still reeling that my little girl (who will be 4 on Sunday!) has finally started letting me read to her.  What a blessing!

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