Monday, November 14, 2011

Progress Report

It is amazing when how you are in the midst of a "situation" that you think you'll never get out of it...or it will take forever to get somewhere...or it will never know the feeling.

In working with Meeka and her speech delay things can be frustrating. For instance she still can not say her name. She can say Me and she can say Ka, but she can't put it together. And she still calls all 3 siblings "buddy". So we have to decipher, Buddy Logan, Buddy Melina or Buddy Carson. She will answer yes to the right sibling, but it is still frustrating that she can't say something different for each one.

Enjoying the candy she stole when I was not looking at her
favorite store. "Go Kroger Snack!" I look back at where we were 2 months ago, we have come leaps and bounds!! 2 months ago she could not tell me is she wanted milk or juice. She could not say the word book. And she was hardly putting words together. Now, we have 2 and 3 words strung together!! She will bring you a picture and say, "I make that." It makes us smile. Yes, the art work is beautiful, but it is more the fact that she can say that she made it that puts the big smile on our face! And at night, she can now protest bedtime by saying, "more book." And it is hard to say no to that!

Yes, it is a long road, but it has been a scenic one where we have picked up tips and tricks and shortcuts along the way. But we are still in the beginning stages of our trip. No, I don't see the end in sight yet, but when focusing on the progress that has been make it is clear we are on the right path and it sure keeps us motivated to keep on going and work hard!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue this journey of speech therapy.

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