Friday, November 4, 2011

CrAzY MiXeD Up WeEk!

The first week of the month Michael works the 3-11 (or the 2-12 more like it) shift at work...and it just throws me off my game. I am not sure why, but I feel like my whole like gets turned upside down and nothing gets done, yet I do nothing....seriously, how can this be? But all the same, it is. So tonight I have nothing but mixed up thought in my you get what you get tonight!

Why is it that I still have kids struggling with bathroom issues...and I'm not talking the little 2. When the words, "Don't come near me, Don't even smell me," come from a child's mouth you know the outcome is not going to be good!!! Or you hear the sheets being dragged off the bed and down the stairs for the THIRD time this week, I just want to bang my head against the wall.

Why is it that I have a child who sits at the dinner table LONG after everyone is finished, almost every night!!! I know they say it is good to eat slow, but for goodness sake. I must come to terms that that is just the way it is and not fret about it. And on that note, I have another who refuses to sit in a seat and eat what is on their plate because obviously the same thing off my plate from my lap is much better!!

And why is it when I sleep in until 5:40 and decide I am going to come down and enjoy a cup of coffee and read in peace for a bit before the chaos of the day starts I come downstairs to find someone lying on the couch already....

Oh well, life is NOT perfect, our kids are NOT perfect and we are NOT perfect...but we all do our best every day and that is all we can do. A dear friend was saying do people do it all...and I think the answer is that no one does it all...we all just strive to do the best we can minute by minute, and day by day!

On one last note I will brag that Logan brought home a GREAT report card last night and then we had his parent teacher conference this morning and when we left Michael said, "You don't think she would exaggerate about how well he is doing, do you?" I would guess not....any teacher friends can feel free to give me the real scoop. But we had a pretty good morning listening to someone else brag about our child! :)

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  1. Nope! I don't think she would exaggerate! I have taught for a long time and did not exaggerate. As his teacher though, she should be his biggest fan like you! I am sure she spoke the truth! :) -Dionne