Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This is my 100th post...and it is about Halloween...how FUN!! After a crazy week, Sunday was so chill!! We never left the house, just had family time carving pumpkins (each kid got to pick a theme for their pumpkin and helped carve it out!) and finished off the day with a 60's music dance party with all 6 of us!! We didn't want to stop, but it was 7:30, and the sleep Gods were moving quickly into our house.

Then on Monday we experienced what I would call the quintessential neighborhood Halloween! TONS of Kids, TONS of houses decorated and everyone sitting outside with neighbors to pass out candy, and hot dogs, and hot cocoa and jello shots.... just so much fun! We were a slow moving group, we took our time as kids talked to everyone and sang to themselves and stopped to admire others decorations... so we did not come home with a CRAZY amount of candy, but I can see in a couple of years when the kids legs finally grow that they will come home with sackfuls!

It really was a great night. And we even got Meeka to dress up!! It only took ALL DAY of trying to convince her that she could get some candy if she dressed up. And in the end she did it!! We had them put their jammies on under their costumes and at the end of the night everyone got 1 piece of candy and went straight to bed...after brushing their teeth of course!

I love the memories that Halloween creates! 
They will last a lifetime!

Everyone is drawling on their pictures

Scooping out the guts!

Logan carved his own...with a little help at the end. He chose a gravestone and hand.

Melina did a pretty good job carving too! Melina chose a spider.

Meeka liked to draw with markers on the pumpkin. She chose a ghost.

Happy Halloween!

Heading down to the first house.

Checkin' out the spooky decorations with daddy.

Some people went ALL OUT. It was sooo FUN!!

My little ladybug! I was so happy she decided to out on her costume!!

Meeka's ghost pumpkin

Melina's spider and Logan's hand!

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