Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Space Derby

This past week Logan worked on a rocket for the Boy Scout Space Derby (a flying version of the pine wood derby). It took a week to build his rocket (with lots of help from daddy)! They don't make these things simple; but it is a great learning experience and bonding between parent and child. You have to glue, sand, paint, sand, glue, paint... Michael did most of the sanding to shape the rocket, but Logan did all of the painting (base coats and decorative) and the second sanding to smooth the rocket.

Michael helping Logan put the propeller on.

Finally on Sunday Logan got to race the rocket. His never got the whole way down the line, because it wasn't wound enough, but he came home thrilled that he participated and got a patch! He said that this was his favorite Boy Scout activity so far.

Logan and his rocket

It made me proud that he put so much effort and pride into his rocket.

The finished product!



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