Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giving Thanks

The kids gave away several turkeys that they
made. Some to teachers, other to families who
we don't even know, to decorate their
Thanksgiving table.
We have A LOT to be Thankful for this year!! 

This November instead of getting caught up in Christmas in November, we tried to focus on Thanksgiving and all the we have to be thankful for. I want my kids to grow up thankful for what they have and to be able to use their gifts (and that does not necessarily mean monetary) to give to others.  I think this is a lesson that can never be taught to young. So this November we have helped sponsor a family for Thanksgiving and donated to two other food drives. We have made gifts, treats and cards or those we are thankful for in our every day lives and we have talked about what we are most thankful for and how we can share with others. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks....and we spent November focusing on this...and on Friday we will start right in with the Christmas fun and activities!

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