Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blame it on the time change

The past 24 hours have not been my finest...I must have a terrible case of time change mommy brainitis. And I am not sure what the cure is. If anyone has any miracle cures, please let me know.

I started by day yesterday by brushing my teeth with the kids bubble gum toothpaste. Not that that is a tragedy, but it sure was not what I expected when I put the toothbrush in my mouth.

I called my kids all the wrong names all day long. I usually don't do that.

I slammed my fingers in a door.

I went to Michael's to buy paint for Logan's space derby rocket and after needing 3 people's help to find the right stuff, I got the check-out and my wallet was in the car. I take Carson and Meeka out to the car to get my wallet and thinking I don't need my bag with the rocket anymore I leave that in the car and head in with my wallet. When I got back inside and in the checkout line I realized that the coupons were in my bag with the rocket...so back out the the car again with everyone to get them. Seriously, people probably thought I was nuts!!!

I backed my car into the garage last night while back out out and trying to avoid the baby-sitters car.

Then this morning, I was trying to fix the security system so it chimes when a door opens (we had a power surge this weekend that reset it and I REALLY like to know when a door opens) and I set off the whole house alarm at 7am. Michael ended up having to yank a box out of the wall and do something with the system in the basement...needless to say he left for work not happy with me.

And there is probably more, but I am lucky I can remember my name this morning. 

So needless to say I feel like I am batting 0...and yet my to-so list is long as it always is in the beginning of the week. And this is owners meeting week for Michael, so he is not really home at all. I am not really sure where my brain went but it obviously is not in my head.

Maybe I will hire a baby sitter so I can sit in the dark by myself.

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