Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let the Christmas season begin!

The day after Thanksgiving was not spent black Friday shopping, but rather taking down the fall decorations and bringing out the Christmas decorations! It was a beautiful day and we decorated the tree that afternoon with the windows open...I could get used to that!! 

Our finished tree and mantle.

We followed decorating with a dinner of Thanksgiving leftovers and then headed out to Clifton Mills; a local attraction with millions of lights, a miniature village and the largest Santa Collection in the country. At 6 on the nose, all the lights were turned off for about 10 seconds and then with music accompaniment a grand light show began. The kids were mesmerized! 

Checking out the miniature village before it got dark.
They even had the horseshoe with OSU vs MI and the band  doing script Ohio!

Posing with a BIG Santa after taking in the Santa collection.
The kids enjoyed seeing all the different Santa's!!

The light show took place on the bridge and the banks.

Looking over at the mill

The Miniature village.

Let the Christmas Season Begin!!!

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