Monday, November 28, 2011


Now that the first major Holiday break is over and everyone has had between 5 and 7 days off of school and work it is time to get back into the routine of things...well somewhat, since Michael is on nights this week. As nice as it is to get up and watch TV in jammies and eat whatever whenever you feel like it, it is nicer (at least for me) to have a routine of some sorts.

The first day back is always hard. It takes 20 times of me saying something for the kids to actually hear me...that still doesn't mean they do what I ask.... There is more fussing, more chaos as I try to remember everything I have to do (remember to pack a lunch and send a snack for Logan, send in popcorn money, send Melina to school with her bag, pack dance clothes and a get the idea), and more things creep into the to do list that I neglected for days on end. The laundry is sky high and there is no food in the fridge. So this week we will play catch up.

And have I mentioned that since Daylight Savings my kids are getting up at a ridiculous hour!!! This has been going on every since Logan was little. None of my kids have ever adjusted to the time change and they don't do well. It messes with their brains and their behavior. And then once we change back again in the spring they become "normal" again. Maybe it is the time change, maybe it is just the darkness and grayness and coldness, I know it certainly effects me! Maybe this means we need to move to Hawaii?!?! Where it is sunny and warm!

I am off to fold laundry and shark the floor and maybe start my Christmas cards. And hopefully tomorrow we will all be adjusted back to the daily routine of things a bit more.

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