Sunday, October 30, 2011


Logan decided this year he wanted to join Boy Scouts. His choice was Tae kwan do or Scouts and he choose scouts. I have to say I am kind of glad he did. Yes, it can be a bit time consuming, but it really is a good time and a great learning experience. The scouts have Den meetings, which is just the 10 -14 boys in his grade who meet together, and they have pack meetings, which is every Den together, so a mixture of all grades. In addition to meetings they also have go-sees (basically a field trip), which is for his Den only and they have outings each month for the whole family. (see what I mean about time consuming)

Yesterday was family outing to a farm. They roasted hot dogs over the fire and had a potluck lunch and then the boys played flag football, which earned them a belt loop. Then we all navigated the large corn maze...and we did not even have to call 911...we made it out alive after an hour! What great time for the whole family (minus the 2 little ones who stayed home)!

Logan did a great job playing! He caught some passes!!


Melina found a boy friend to play with...
as usual!

Hmmm....which way to go?

Up and over the bridge.

How do we get out of here???

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