Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our First Trip to a Pumpkin Farm!

On Friday, Logan was off of school for an in service day, so we took the opportunity to do something FUN altogether; we took our first trip of the the year to a Pumpkin Farm!!! Have I said before that I like Fall activities? Well, in case you have not read that, 

Corn Maze fun!
We didn't get lost and have to call the cops to come rescue us!
The Pumpkin Barn is right up the street from us. In fact we pass it every day taking Melina to school and we bought our sweet corn there this summer. So why not support our local digs?!?! And it was FANTASTIC!! 

It was the perfect place for me to take all the kids by myself...not to big to loose kids! And it was so much FUN for Logan; he could navigate the corn maze himself! And small enough for Carson to climb slide and have a GREAT time!!

Logan was our leader the first time around.
He did great navigating and not loosing any siblings...or mom!
Meeka picked up several ears of corn in the maze and tried to feed them to the pigs.
She was not so sure and kept throwing it in and then it would hit the fence and fall to the ground and she would try again. Each time she got a bit braver and scooted forward a bit closer until she hit the bulls eye.

See what I mean...much braver on the 5th go-around!

Carson enjoyed climbing in the hay and sliding down. He also enjoyed the hay tunnels!

Logan jumping off a haystack. I have to say I think this is a pretty cool picture!!

Melina, Meeka and Sammy Reese coming out from the hay tunnels.

Melina enjoyed petting the mini-horses.

And last but not least what is a farm visit without a hayride. The hayride took us all over the farm and finished by driving right through the middle of the pick your own pumpkin

Everyone got some fresh popped popcorn to go!

     We all left tired and dirty so it was a successful morning!!

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