Friday, October 14, 2011

Preschool Open House or Chistmas Day?

Last night was Melina's preschool open house and from the way she has been talking about it every day and counting down you would have thought it was Christmas. But it was well worth the wait and all her hype!! The kids had worked hard for weeks and it was very apparent. I was seriously amazed at the amount of work that had gone into this open house. The fact that they can accomplish all this AND come home with tons of work every day and still have stories of play time and snack just makes my jaw drop!!! 
It was such a great evening and when it was finished and went to pick Melina up from her classroom her teacher said, "She did great, didn't she? We should have put her front and center!" What a great compliment for my enthusiastic 4 year old girlie!! Check out her dance moves in this little clip. It is hard to hear, but you can see how excited she was to sing!!

Melina and her new friend Caroline pose together in their beach wear!
Showing us her book on sea creatures, her journal and her portfolio.
Checking out the class mural

So excited!!

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