Monday, October 3, 2011

Laughter Really is the best medicine

Meeka is VERY picky with her books. She get stuck on certain books and does not want to read anything but Go Dogs Go! or Princesses (some of her favorites at the moment). Tonight I got her to venture out of her comfort zone and climb into the rocking chair with Melina and read  Blue Hat, Green Hat. 

Well, she loved it! After Melina was done reading it to her she wanted to sit on my lap and read it again. So we did. And then Melina came to the side of the chair and Carson got up on my lap and they were all in hysterics every time I said "ooopps!" So of course Logan comes in to see what is going on and Meeka hops down with the book, saying, "buddy, read." And he reads it and again they are all just laughing away...I don't even know if they were so much laughing at the book at this point or at each other...maybe a bit of both. But it sure was funny and it made me smile! 

Nothing better than kids laughter to end the day.

One last note...I am soooooo thankful for a loving husband and a fantastic father who yesterday when I did not feel good did everything...breakfast, lunch, dinner and even baths and bedtime all by himself while I lay in bed (I seriously could not even stand up or open my eyes yesterday afternoon and evening)! And I came downstairs this morning (feeling much better by the way) and the house was picked up and the kitchen cleaned and the dishwasher run! Thank You, Thank you!!!!! I love you Michael!!

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