Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Looking in from the outside

I called the pediatrician this week to talk to the nurse...and the nurse laughed at me. She apologized and said, "I am sorry to laugh, I am sure you don't think it is funny, but you have to see how funny it seems to me." THANKS....

She was laughing at the fact that I can not keep my not even 2 1/2 yr old in a car seat or a stroller or a booster seat. The fact that she can undo every buckle known to man...and then there is the small problem of YOU CAN NOT REASON WITH A TWO YEAR OLD!!!! And by the way she called back today to say they had no solutions....maybe bribery if that will work is what she said.

I imagine that if people stood and looked in my windows they would laugh...
hysterically probably. 

Today, if someone looked in my front window they might have seen the entire block of cheddar cheese sitting there going bad that Meeka stole from the fridge at some point and took behind the couch to the bay window where she nibbled without being found. I didn't find the cheese until many many hours later. At any given point during the day you might find either Meeka or Carson, or both, in that front window...probably doing something naughty no doubt (like the time I found them there with a gallon of ice cream and a scoop!!).

Also today they would have seen Carson learn how to UNLOCK the dishwasher, open it, and hop on in to play with the dirty dishes (knifes included) EVERY time I turned my back.

And I might have turned my back on him to chase Meeka down because she had taken off her clothes, AGAIN and was running stark naked outside!

Or it might have been because I had been summed, with a loud screaming, "wipe meeeee," coming from 2 floors away.

Or then, was it because Melina was cleaning cat poop from her room with Pledge?

I just can't remember.... Which is why I am writing this down. Because by the end of this CRAZY LAUGHABLE journey I might be senile!!

So if you want a good laugh, any day, come over and pull up a chair and look in my window for a hour. I guarantee more laughs at my expense for free than a $10 movie ticket will give you!

And btw...I guess it of official that I will NEVER be the parent of a docile child who just sits and doesn't get into trouble. I can handle 1 mischievous child, but seriously 4?!?!? What was God thinking when he gave me 4 CRAZY kids!!! Thank goodness I LOVE THEM TO DEATH!!!

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