Friday, October 7, 2011

Our first Boy Scout Trip

Tonight Logan and I went on our first Boy Scout "Go See It" Trip. Yes, I was the only mom there, but oh well; girls can do anything boys can do, right? Michael is working nights so we didn't really have an option. I have to say, it is a nice "break" to go do something with Logan without the little ones.

We went to a families house where in their garage they are building two airplanes. One they are restoring and one they are building from scratch. He explained about the planes to the boys and then he let them play with power tools. The boys used a drill, and rivets and a rivet squeezer to make a design in real airplane siding material. Seriously, what could be cooler to a 7 yr old boy? Between power tools, pizza and cookies this was a boys dream come true!

Explaining how this airplane's engine broke in half while flying and they had to land in a cow pasture.

This airplane seats 4 people...can you believe that!?!?

This airplane they are building from scratch.

Showing the boys the tools

Working with Logan to design his piece of siding.

He made a cross from rivets and airplane siding.  They put 2 drill holes in either side too so that you could add some string and it would be some nice "bling."

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