Thursday, October 13, 2011


This week Logan scored his first goals in soccer....EVER!! He has played for 4 seasons now and these are his first goals. He scored 2 on Monday and 1 last night. And I missed them all!!! (Talk about 1 very sad mama!!) BUT I saw him come home SOOOOO HAPPY!!! And I listened to him tell me about how sweet scoring a goal was. And I listened to Michael recount how he wants to play forward. In fact, he asked the coach last night to play forward center. 

All 4 seasons have been his choice to play; we have never made him play. And honestly we were surprised every time that he wanted to play again. If you read my post a while back about him and soccer you'll understand why! But since he choose to play we let him. And he has certainly grown up since his first season at age 3, but he has never been one to "attack the ball." Try as we might to practice with him, explain to him, show him and encourage him, he was more just the "kick it when it comes to me" player. That is, UNTIL he scored his first goal. That is when he gained his confidence and the light bulb went on. And it made me think, as much as we say, "Good Job!" and try to encourage and teach, some things still have to come from within. And it AMAZING as a parent to watch your child grow and learn and gain the confidence that comes from succeeding. No, they won't succeed in everything but I also think succeeding will help them with failure; it will help balance the scale and keep their confidence up to try try again! Logan has 2 more soccer games left this season and he is so excited to play those games!

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