Friday, July 31, 2015

Australians do Florida!

One of my best friends (who lives in Sydney, AUS but we met in Lexington, KY) Felicity, her husband and crew of 4 came to stay with us for a week, one week after we moved in. Talk about madness...12 people in a 2600 sq foot house. And half way through the week the AC goes out. Didn't care how much it cost to get it fixed that night (which was about 11:30pm). We had a GREAT time exploring the area together! And the kids were amazing. You would have never have know that they don't even really know each other (Logan and Xavier were each others first real best friends back in the day- when they were 2-4). They were automatic best friends. Football games in the yard, jeep drives in the street, and lots of FUN!! We missed them the minute they left!!! 
An evening walk on the beach, but they couldn't resist getting in.

A perfect beach day!

How many people can we fit under the umbrella for lunch?

We ended the day with dinner at Frenchy's on the beach

Playing tag after dinner

Where did Gerard's feet go?

We stayed to watch the sun set...beautiful!

Felicity, Elenor and I

Perfect ending to a perfect day!

On our way to Clearwater Marine Aquarium to see Hope and Winter from Dolphin Tale



A day at the Marriott pool. It rain for a couple minutes and
everyone left and then we had the pool to ourselves!

Rainy day bowling!
The kids had a great time!

Time to say goodbye.
Until next time!

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