Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Begins!

Its hot and humid and the kids and I have been living up the SUMMER FUN this week so far! We crossed off go to a splash pad, river walking and swimming in the rain from our Summer Bucket List…. all in 2 days. I have spent full 2 days with new and old friends and have loved every minute. Catching up with everyone for 3 weeks of missed time takes some work! :) 

Pool time!

When we first arrived at the pool is started raining. Then it quite and then is rained harder and most people left. It never thundered, so we stayed…I mean really, we were there to get WET, right? Well, look at the sunny day it turned into!

Also, I figured out a win-win situation for that ever so tempting pool snack bar that beckons the kids….its called bribery…I mean chores. I make the kids to chores to earn money to get something at the snack bar. I now don't have to unload the dishwasher or pick up toys or water flower pots. Its fantastic!!

These 2 are as good as friends as 2 yr. olds can be!
They pal around and chase each other and taunt one another. All the other kids at the pool wanted a piece of paintbrush action, but these 2 were having none of that…"there's only 2"(Good thing your paying for the wedding Astrid & Ed)
Meeka got up the courage to jump off the diving board.
It only took 3 trips to the end…3rd time's a charm!

Hiking and River Walking

We met some newer friends this morning for a hike at The Narrows Nature Reserve. It was great to get to chat and get to know some people better. I am looking forward to more playdates with this great group of families!
Don't know if you can see it, but we saw 3 large owls together on this branch. Very, Very cool to see something like that in nature!
Say Cheese!

My kids dove right in…I knew they would so I was prepared with water shoes for them and for me. I became the official life guard in with the kiddos. The water felt great though!

Gotta have some princess or extra girl accessory to the outfit.
I mean, who doesn't hike in pink tutus, right?

My bug lover was soaked from head to toe.
She came home with a whole collection of shells.

The highlight of this trip for Logan was having a guy with us who knew how to skip rocks. Logan loves all the outdoorsy stuff. For those of you who know Michael, you know he didn't get it from him! :)
My good friend Stacey is due next week and I am so glad we got to see her today! The 4 of us girls had a great time catching up and the kiddos just off and played all together.
Why he loves sitting on the water so it shoots up him, I just don't know?

Drama Queen

We thought about having some adult beverages and fun in the water too, but decided that this picture would look much better than our mug shot in the paper!

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