Monday, June 24, 2013

Where, Oh Where, Have I Been?

I know I have been incognito for the last 3 weeks. Some of you know why and others do not. The first week of summer vacation for the kids was my first week back to school. I decided it was time for a change; and I spent the last 3 weeks in class from 8-5:30 in Cincinnati for Real Estate. It was a grueling 3 weeks and my brain was on information overload, but I did learn a lot and I met some great people too! Now I have to study for the exam, which I won't take until sometime in July, and then I will be a licensed Real Estate Salesperson. So If you, or someone you know, is looking to buy or sell some real estate later this summer, or later this year, give me a call!

This weekend was my first weekend to relax and enjoy summer and I did just that! My kids were in drama and sports camp this week, so on Friday I got to go see them perform in a play and do their closing program for camp. We had a great outdoor playdate with great friends who moved back from Texas, some fun at Dragons Kids Day and the cooled off in the pool. I also cooked some great summer food this weekend! What is better than food on the grill, summer drinks and eating outside? 

This week officially starts our Summer Vacation and we have a bucket list full of fun and adventure! Can't wait to see what summer has in store for us! 

Here are some pictures from the weekend.


Friends reunited!

Chillin' at Yoba!

Silly faces at Noodles!


Water Balloon toss with the players

Say Cheese! with Heater and Gem

Coloring a mural

Balloon Animals!

Running the bases

How fast can I pitch?


The weather is finally exceptable able for me. Hot and humid!
 (I swear I am a Southern Girl at heart!)


Cheesy Texas Fries

Stuffed burger with bacon, cheese & BBQ sauce

Pizza on the grill.
We made BBQ Chicken Pizza and cheese and ate all 2 pies!

I made my first batch of pesto for the season!

I can guarantee we will spend lots of time at the pool and the softball fields this week. Other than that not sure what else we will get into?

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