Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Journals for the Kids

Yesterday after school I surprised the kids with Summer Journals. I have never done this before, but I thought this would be a fun way to "chart" their summer and also practice writing without it seem like it’s a chore. Logan used to keep a journal, which he wrote in every night, but as he got to be a better reader and now reads to himself at night, he got away from the habit. It's such a FUN way for the kids to look back too and see what they did and what they liked. I still need to add some pages for some other camps and things I know we are doing and I can add pages and prompts as we go too!

The Kids summer journals.
They can color the front picture

Our 2013 Summer Bucket List
I put a copy in each kids journal 

A page about school
We will do this today.

I added 2 of these pages to chart their reading.
They want to do the library reading program
and Logan has required reading and book reports for the summer.

I added some of these to each kids journal.

I put more in Melina's than Logan because I also added
all of the book reports sheets that were sent home with Logan.

On our bucket list we have "Do a Science Experiment"
We might as well write about it!

The kids love to do art and projects, so I thought this would be a good pages.
I added a couple of these to each journal.

We love trying new things (at least Logan and Melina do!)
So we can make it a point to try new food, so they can fill their pages.
I put 4 of these in each journal

Does this really need an explanation?
Again, I put several of these in the journals

I told them this would be a great page for just a "normal" day.
I added 8 to each journal

I also have a section where I have a bunch of lined paper and plain paper for journaling on their own and drawing. On a couple of pages I wrote prompts and I left a bunch black too. Here are a couple of examples of prompts I wrote. I wrote different ones in each kids book.

This last section is for special days, field trips and camps. I created some pages based on our bucket list and I made pages for each kids to fill out about their camp experiences. I made 1 page for each day of their camps. I still have a couple to add like Sports Camp at church and Mastermind camp at Boonshoft. I future I can create and add pages as we go if we do something where I think it would be fun to write about. I am going to create some park pages too. 

Doesn't this look fun?      I hope the kids enjoy!

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