Monday, May 6, 2013


Spring is such a busy time. We have so much going on with school and activities, plus once the weather turns, the kids just want to be outside! We spend lots of time on the trampoline, riding bikes and going to the park. I LOVE it!!! But it also makes it harder to get things around the house done. Therefore, I haven't been as good about blogging. But since, I really only do this for my memories, guess it doesn't matter, as long as I remember to do it.

In the past week we have had a lot of BIG milestones in our house! 

Meeka started riding a bike without training wheels. I just decided to take them off and try it, on a whim one afternoon, and off she went. There was no running behind her holding the seat…she just took off! So now we have 3 kiddos riding big kid bikes!! Yeah!!

Melina lost her first tooth! It was wiggly one night and she decided she would get up in the morning and eat an apple. Well, at 5:50am I hear, "Mommy, Look!" I was not in the mood to look and actually rather annoyed that she was waking me up at 5:50 on a weekend. When I realized it was because she lost her first tooth, I felt really bad, that I had been so annoyed. Mommy fail. (Don't worry, Michael didn't let me forget that all day!) So last night she had her first visit from the tooth fairy….which mommy almost forgot too!

Another big moment for her was auditioning for the Beavercreek dance team. She loves to dance and was so excited to "make the team."

And finally, we have a HUGE milestone!!! After 8 3/4 years of diapers in our house, we are now DIAPER FREE!!! Carson is now officially potty trained and I am never buying diapers again (at least not for this house)!

And luckily, although it took a bit of work on my part remembering to take him to the potty, it really was not that bad!!

The kiddos are growing up!! In the moment sometimes it seems like time never moves and things never get easier, but it does. I look back and think when we moved here 2 years ago Carson was 7 months and Meeka was not quite 2 yet, and now look. Time does fly!!

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