Monday, May 20, 2013

Dance Recital and More

This weekend was beyond busy! We had softball, soccer, dance, Cub Scouts and Girls Scouts. We even threw in a sleepover. 

Dance Recital 

The girls LOVE to dance so they were so excited for their recital!! We ended up at the rehearsal for hours and hours (because Melina had numbers at the beginning and the end of the show) before heading home for less than 2 hours before we had to head back for the actually show. We have enjoyed our year at dance and made some great friends, both the kids and myself, and we will miss it. Although, I think we are all ready for the break too!

Ready to go!
(Carson stayed home with a sitter)

Striking a pose.

This is the pose of choose for dancers apparently!

Melina and her buddy Allison in the dressing room backstage

Meeka waiting to go on stage.
I was the backstage mom for her class, which is why I am back with her.

Melina's ballet class on deck.
(I am sad I didn't get any of her in her tap costume)

After the recital the girls chose Asian Gourmet for their celebration dinner.
Both girls ate some sushi, Melina's favorite food is Spring Rolls and Meeka LOVED the Edamame. 

Young Eagles Flying Lessons!

The same time as we were at the dance recital rehearsal, Logan was at the Greene County Airport, learning to fly a plane. He had a small flight school and then got to go up in a Stimson 4 seater plane. He flew with 1 other boy, so they flew to another airport and landed and then switched seats and flew back. He got to take the controls of the plane for a minute too! He loved every minute and thinks getting his pilot license is in his future….we'll see about that one! 
All geared up and ready to go!

 Girl Scout Celebration and Pinning Ceremony

On Sunday the Daisy's had their end of the year party at Build a Bear. They opened the store early for them and they got to choose and bear and an outfit. They had a blast! After that they went to a park and had some lunch and they had their pinning ceremony where they got their year 1 pin.  

The Girls waking up their animals

Melina is cleaning her bunny

Daisy's and their new friends!

Saying the Girl Scout Promise.

There are a couple of other things I have been meaning to write about (including a great healthy and YUMMO recipe I made this week) but I feel like I am barely keeping up with life these days! Hopefully this week I'll get some thoughts down. 

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