Monday, May 13, 2013

Daisy Scouts and Camporee

This was out biggest Girl Scout week of the year! The girls did their first "field trip" with a trip to the fire station. And then on Saturday was the Camporee; an all day event at Girl Scout Camp.

In front of the ladder truck

They took the ladder truck up as high as it would go!

Jr. Firefighters


The Camporee Theme this year was Beach Party. The theme is voted on by all the troops in the council. And then each troop gets to choose which activities they want to do from a list of themed offerings. Our girls chose, Daisy Cooking (which we missed because we went to our 9am soccer game before heading straight to camp), Treasure Hunt, Mermaid Buddies and Creeking.
Melina making her Trail Mix at one of the stations on the treasure hunt.

The girls after they went across the big swinging bridge.

They got a stamp for their clue book at each stop.
They also got a piece of craft material.

Hiking along the hunt!

And the end of the treasure hunt they had a craft
to make with the supplies they collected.

They made a seashell wind chime.

Thank goodness I went shopping for new rain boots on Friday!!
Mud and Muck should have been the theme!

"I'm Dirty and I LOVE it!"

Making her Mermaid Buddy

The Daisy Troop

Creeking was her favorite activity!

She found lots of craw-daddy's and some other  creatures too!

But she can always stop and pose!

"Oh, I think I see something!"

She was not afraid to turn over rocks to find things!

A Girl Scout tradition at camp is swapping pins (who knew?- not me!).
Each troop makes a bunch of little pins and they all swap at camp.
We were all tired and dirty by the end of the day, 
but it was so much fun!

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