Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spa Birthday Party

As you all know by know Melina's birthday was this weekend. We celebrated on Friday night with a Spa Party. I let her invite all her friends without narrowing her list because it was Memorial Day weekend and I thought a lot of kids would not be able to come…no the case. So she celebrated with 17 of her friends. The kids were all great, but thank goodness I had my trusty sitters to help me out! I was defiantly FUN night and I had FUN planning the party too!

I made a sleep mask for her invite 
When the guests arrived there was a  bin for their street shoes
and they each picked a pair of flip flops.

They decorated their flip-flops

Melina's finished Flip Flops

Enjoying Pizza and Pretzel Sticks 
Each girl got a spa basket filled with goodies for their spa night

A mirror, puff, towel headband, nail kit, bath salts,
lotions, scrubs and a mask

1/2 the girls did pedicures

foot soak

And the other 1/2 did facials and then they switched
Just couldn't pass up this picture! Too cute!!!

While their mask was on, they put cucumbers on their eyes

And of course we finished up the night cake-
An ice cream cake!!


  1. What a cute idea. I'm sure it was crazy at the house with all the girls but not something they will forget anytime soon.

  2. Thanks! Yes, it was crazy, but I have gotten many comments from parents saying how the girls are giving their families spa treatments and just had the best time! Totally worth the work and chaos!!