Thursday, May 9, 2013

Teacher Gift from the Class

I am the homeroom mom for Melina's Kindergarten class, so I helped the class give their teacher a personal memento for Teacher Appreciation Week. I snuck down to the lunchroom one day with a pot in tow and had the kids each put their finger prints on the pot. The boys did yellow and the girl did red. I told them I would turn this pot into a surprise for their teacher, so don't tell! I think they loved that and I know at some point they "casually" told her that they had a surprise for her, since I overheard them telling her yesterday, "See!! This is our surprise!" 

Once the fingerprints dried I made them into ladybugs and bees and wrote their names on the pot. I wrote Kindergarten Class A 2012 - 2013 on the top. And made a little tag that said Thanks for BEE-ing a great teacher!

The kids got to see the pot yesterday before we gave it to their teacher and everyone found their name. They were so proud of their gift; which melted my heart to see the sweet little Kindergarteners so happy  and eager to give this to their teacher!

We hand our kids over to these teachers for 36 hours a week and trust them to teach them both academics and character and to be a great role model for them. They have a tough job and its important to thank them for all their work in and out of the classroom!
Teacher Appreciation Flower Pot Gift

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