Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Living with ADHD

Yesterday when Logan came home from school it took me about 2 minutes to realize…CRAP…I never gave him his medicine in the morning. After years of struggling and lots of tears and heartache we are in a GREAT spot- and have been for a couple years. But its something we live with everyday and its not a problem that goes away. We have our ups and downs, and I am not always as patient as I should be, but we all try our best. Yesterday just made me think that although medicine is scary, and it certainly is NOT a fun process to figure out what works best, it is the best option for us.  I think that by NOT giving it to him I am doing him a disservice. He struggles and he just can not work to his full potential without it…why would I want to handicap him when he can do better?

I have written tear jerkers about our struggles before and I am not going to do that, because like I said…we are in a good spot. But we manage it, and live with it, and he thrives and excels in so many things, including education and sports. And he has tons of friends and is very popular with the girls (although I'm not sure that is always a good thing)! At 4 years old, in the midst of the trenches we were digging though, would I have seen this as the outcome??…to be honest I wasn't sure at that point. But we made it though…we more than made it through…. we made it up and over! I am more than willing to talk to people about ADHD and about our struggles, but be prepared for an emotional conversation. Even now years later, it brings tears to my eyes. I hope that by talking to others who are going though it I can help them. I had no one, and I know how isolating and emotional it is, and that just by talking about it you can feel better and know that you are not alone.

We are success. And I do think medicine is a great option. It helps my child be the best person he can be and why would I want him to be anything less?


  1. Well said... I feel the similarly about Bridgette [and autism] and Leilani [and PDD-NOS.] We don't medicate [because Bridgette has digestion issues and the medicine made it worse for her.] But what we're doing for our girls is working. I just have to keep remembering that and plugging along. [So thanks for sharing something so personal] :)

  2. Yep…you just do the best you can and trust your gut and know you are doing it for the betterment of your kids!