Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why I Enjoy Having Critical Mass...aka 4 Kids

I know I have talked about this subject of having 4 kids before...but its our life...and sometimes its what defines us...4 kids!!! Like its some kind of crazy feat. Yes, maybe it is crazy at times (O.K., a lot of the time...and loud!), but here are some reasons why sometimes having 4 kids is easier...YES, I said easier!!!

  1. They always have a playmate. 
  2. And there is no odd man out. 
  3. They have their own set of made-up games (Tig, Legs, Lava,...etc.). Don't ask what they are, or all the rules, because only they know. And that's O.K.!
  4. Plus their is enough of them to have great games of 4 square, duck duck goose, tag, hide and seek, etc.
  5. Because the gap between them all is small, there is no fighting about what TV shows to watch  (Logan will watch Paw Patrol and My Little Pony and the girls will watch GI Joe and Batman)
  6. Also, because the age gap is small family activities are easier (now that we don't have any toddlers) because they all can enjoy the same things! Just think of the fun and rowdiness we have at the bowling alley or out climbing rocks...
  7. They have their own cheering section.
  8. I can send the older ones to the restroom with the younger ones.
  9. No one has to ride alone on an amusement park ride (nor for the most part do they have to ride with mom or dad if they don't want to).
  10. No one is stuck with all the chores (or having to set the table EVERY night). So therefore I can find more chores for the kids to do to help me out!

This post was inspired by our day off yesterday for Presidents Day. All 4 kids had dentist appointments and the staff at the dentist office was cracking up at my kids. They went back two at a time and they just heckled back and forth with each other in a funny way. They told me they loved listening to them talk to each other because you could tell how much they cared for each other and got along, but in a brother and sister kind of way (like telling the dentist the other needs to brush more because of bad breath). 

And then when we got home they cam straight in and started playing Tig (like I said don't ask) and then off to something else. And I LOVE listening to them!!!!

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