Friday, February 13, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Its Teacher Appreciation week!  

To show our LOVE for the great teachers my kids were blessed with, we made a little goodie for every day.  All together we have 5 teachers and some wonderful support staff too, so we couldn’t spend a lot per day.  So check out these simple homemade ideas- they were sure crowd pleasers with our teachers! 

Monday - Give a "Coupon"
We started the week with a HUG for our teachers. These are just goodie bags with an apple and some Hershey Hugs, tied with ribbon and a cute label.

Tuesday- Something that Smells Good

This was a SUPER EASY gift that the teachers were very impressed with! I had the kids draw on a piece of regular copy paper with a sharpie. I divided the paper so all of their drawling were on 1 sheet. I took it to Kinkos and had them copy it onto transparency paper. It costs $0.89 for 1 copy! I them took the label off of coconut soft-soap. I cut the transparency, rolled it and put it in the soap bottle; then straightened it out with the pump. Tie a ribbon and Wa-La- personalized soap!  

Wednesday- Office Supplies

This is another crowd pleaser! I made the jars with some craft supplies from Hobby Lobby. The ribbon and flowers are actually what you would use to make hair bows and ponytails. 

I bought paperclips, some regular and some cute shapes like arrows and butterflies and used, ribbon, buttons (hot glued on) and wish tape to "decorate" the paperclips. Put them in the jars and done! 

Thursday- Something Sweet

We made homemade Monster cookies (chocolate chip and M&M's) for something sweet. The fun part is in the presentation. 

Stack them up for a cute look and tie with a ribbon!

Friday- Gift Card

To finish up the week each teacher is getting an Amazon gift card. I printed the gift certificate and the card on the printer. I put it on some darker paper as a border and then cardboard. I finished it off by tying with twine.

I hope the teachers enjoyed their gifts! I know we appreciate the hard work and dedication they out in for our kids!

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