Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kids Valentines 2015

This week is 
CRAZY!! Not sure why everything always falls at once, but it does! This week is not only Valentines, where I am glutton for punishment and hand make Valentines for all 4 kids, but teacher appreciation week too, AND Im selling in a consignment sale…so tag sort, sort and tag…ahhh!

Because of the craziness this week, the Valentines are about finished, so I’ll share those now. I’m still working on the teacher appreciation gifts, so I’ll share those at the end of the week!

Valentine Boxes

The kids made their boxes this weekend. really only Logan and Melina needed one, but of course Carson had to have one too! :) I didn't do to much to help on this one. They came up with the ideas and made them themselves. 


Each kiddo picked what they wanted to do. They all had very different ideas. 

Melina made all these potholders for the girls in her class!! She went to a lot of work!!!
For the boys- rainbow loom bracelets.
Meeka is still FROZEN obsessed, 
so Olaf was her choice! 

Chocolate Lego men for Carson.

And if I do say so myself, 
I'm pretty proud of this one!

I'm curious to see how this one goes over here is Bama Country....

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