Saturday, January 31, 2015

Busy Career Week

I was lucky enough to get away for the weekend to visit with friends in Cincinnati. 2 days jammed full of friends, food, and drinks! I was lucky enough to get to see 7 friends, and have Astid spend two nights with me in the hotel, and Kim a night too!! Wahoo!
Girls Night Out in Over the Rhine
We spent Saturday getting books signed and listing to a talk by the author Karen Marie Moning.

I came home on Monday and have been non-stop since then, 
but busy is good in my world!

This week was Career Week in the Elementary School. I talked to both Logan and Melina's classes for career week and Michael came and talked with Logan's class. 

They each got to dress up as the profession of their choice on Friday.

I have a tiara wearing teacher, a football player and a dancer.

Carson had a busy week too! 
He has Dress Like a Pirate Day and a Snowball fight!

Aaarg Matey!
Ready, Set...

Best Buddies!

Such a GREAT group of Kids!

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