Monday, January 19, 2015

Self Motivation

Melina Jo has THE MOST self-motivation of any child I know! 

She constantly amazes me!!

Dance is her passion. She practices most every day and has the desire to better herself and the willpower to do it!

She even made a stretching and core work calendar to work on it!

She also has a passion for learning! Every time she starts a new unit at school she comes home and wants to do research. She makes books of facts or drawing of maps...whatever it may be! 

Check out the book she just started on Penguins.

Melina has decided she wants to learn to cook. She asked me to buy apples and she went to town on her "own recipe" for dinner the other night.
 Peeling the apples took some work, but she never gave up!

One of the most amazing things is her patience to try again when she fails or something is not easy. She doesn't get upset and stomp off or threw something or scream. She is truly an inspiration and with her motivation and desire she is going to go far in life! I hope she NEVER looses this amazing quality!

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