Monday, January 12, 2015

Grammie Visits!

Grammie came for a visit this week. The kids had not seen her since July, so they were super excited for the visit. We allowed each child a day off from school for some special time with her. 

Carson and Grammie at Do It Yourself Crafts.

Logan and Melina wanted to take Grammie to the Vulcan. Of course it was the coldest day of the year. The wind was wicked at the top of the Vulcan, but the view can't be beat. We also sent some time just showing her around town since she had never been to Birmingham before. 

The girls got to spend Friday afternoon on a shopping trip to Von Maur with Grammie. 

Show Stoppers "Thank You" Performance

Meeka was ecstatic that Grammie would be able to watch her show. We went to the school performance on Friday morning and then the Friends and Family show on Saturday. She did a great job!! It was amazing that all these Kindergarteners and First Graders got up on stage and sang and danced their hearts out in front of tons of people. They all also had a speaking part or a solo and every one of them came to the mic and spoke with confidence! 

Meeka after her Saturday Show.
Saturday was Grammie's birthday. After Meeka's show we went to the movies and saw Night at the Museum 3. We made her a lasagna with homemade noodles and got some desserts from Edgar's and Blue Bell Ice Cream. Yum!

Happy Birthday Grammie!

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