Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year 2015 Kids Goals

As we rang in the New Year yesterday (with an awesome Buckeyes win, I might add!) we worked on setting GOALS, not resolutions, with the kids. I guided them on how to make S.M.A.R.T. goals and then they each came up with their own list. I think they did a GREAT job of coming up with REALISTIC and ACHIEVABLE goals that meet where they are going, and what they want to do this year. 

It was a fun activity and I am hoping this keeps them ENERGIZED and EXCITED about WORKING HARD to achieve things. 


1. Trip to Ohio
2. Run twice a week
3. Read 5 long chapter books
4. Dont loose more than 2 tickets a week
5. Do a volunteer project once a month


1. Trip to Ohio
2. Read 30 chapter books
3. Run a 5k
4. Draw a better portrait
5. Get all 3 splits
6. Backhandspring
7. Make Dance Team
8. Learn to cook


1. Trip to Ohio
2. Learn to read better
3. Run faster
4. Run a mile
5. :earn to Skateboard
6. Do more art at home


1. Learn to write all letters
2. Swim the whole way across the pool
3. Score goals in soccer
4. Do a ropes course
5. Go to Ohio to see Ava

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