Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bell Bell...Simply the best

Yesterday the kids had off school for MLK day, so we took a road trip with some new friends! About 40 miles SE of us is a Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory. For those of you northerners who don't know what it is...its reason in itself to come visit me...TRUST ME!! 

They didn't let you take any pictures inside the factory. In fact, we didn't get to go "inside the factory." It was more of a window tour. But the kids enjoyed getting to see and they learned a couple things too!

Last night at dinner when the kids were going over what they learned, here is what they said:

1. Workers can eat as much ice cream as they like on their shift.
2. They have 345 workers and work from 7-3.
3. It takes 20,000 cows to produce the cream for that factory alone for 1 day!!!
4. They can fill more gallons a minute into 3 gallon tubs than 1 gallon tubs.
5. They rotate flavors every 3 months.
6. Every worker know how to do every job and the rotate every 15 minutes.
7. They turn the tubs upside down after packaging to ensure the lid stays on.

I would say they learned a thing or two! 

Included in the tour price was a free scoop of any ice cream flavor you like. Fresh from the factory!   YUM!!!

 Afterwards, these new friends got a whole day of playing together! 

 Such a FUN crew!!
Melina, Luke, Meeka, Jake, Logan, Andi & Carson

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