Monday, March 2, 2015

Making Time for Memories

I would not change a thing about our crazy household. I honestly can't imagine life less kids. And I know the kids can't either. For, as much as they complain or fight, the minute one is gone they miss them! It changes the dynamic in our house. If someone is gone for a sleepover, it just feels different! 

BUT we also try to make time for each child, or even pairs of kids, to have special time. When I go to the grocery store or Costco, I usually take 1 child with me. Is it the most exciting thing...No, not at all. But it’s just them and me, and that’s what matters (And they usually get a special little treat too). We have time to just talk; about whatever they want to talk about.

Or taking the time to color a picture or build a castle. They will remember those moments. In fact, I know they appreciate the little things. I often get comments days, a week, or even months later, when they mention, remember when.... And I still get thank you's for going on their field trips or coming to their school events... months after they have happened. They REMEMBER!! And deep down they appreciate what we do for them!! 

This year for Christmas we tried to do more experiences than things. Experiences are what they will remember. Not how many toys they had. One Sunday not to long ago we took Logan and Melina indoor rock climbing.

Yesterday Carson and Meeka got a special trip to Chuck e Cheese (where they had never been just because) to use the cups full of tokens they got for Christmas. Did they LOVE it...YES! And I love that special time with them...Making Memories!

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