Tuesday, March 10, 2015


The kids had off school for a teacher workday yesterday. We had some school projects to get done, but we wanted to get out and have some fun too since this whole upcoming week is rain, rain, rain....

We went about a mile from our home to a hiking trail. Why we had not gone to this one before I don't know, but we will be back. We had a fantastic hike yesterday! Throwing rocks into the river and listening to nature. At one point Meeka and Carson were holding hands and walking together and I was walking with the big kids and we just talked a bot about life and how proud I was of them! I was a GREAT couple of hours carved out of our busy scheudles!
Throwing rocks

These boys just love each other to death!

They thought this tree was pretty cool!

He has so many rocks in his pockets his
pants were falling down

Take my picture!
Take my picture!

This boys shoes are NEVER on the right feet! 

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