Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Precious Moments to Remember

I just want to write these couple of things down for my memory...and to one day remind my kids when they are teenagers that they used to adore their mom! :)

On Sunday after Meeka's first softball game she and I were just getting home and right as she got out of the car she came to me and very shyly said, "You know I think your really beautiful!" It was such a precious memory. I took this photo with her right after she said it. Melted my mama heart!! 

Carson is a mama's boy. Always has been. Most every afternoon after school he fishes out of his pocket a single M&M and gives it to me and says. "I saved this for you." Finally yesterday I asked his teacher where the M&M's were coming from. She said every day that they have a good day she gives them 2 at the end of the day and every day he says he is going to save one for me. And he does! Such a sweet boy! 

He had been looking forward to the new Chik-Fil-A opening so I took him last Friday after school for a date. He was thrilled! 

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