Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mommy Meltdown

We all have moments every day we want to erase, or never share with people. And life doesn't always go as planned. Yesterday was one of those days for me....but I'll share, because it happens to everyone!

The day started out great, a normal day. Carson and I were getting ready to leave for his first field trip ever, to the zoo, and he was going to ride the bus. We were both excited because the sun was shining, and the weather had been predicting rain. And then I got a call from the kids elementary school. Lice had been found in Logan's classroom and they found knits in his hair. I needed to come get him. The girls were on their way to the nurse to be checked too. I started panicking a little; OK, lets go get Logan and he can come to the zoo with us and then we can deal with it. When I got to school they said both girls had it too. UGH!!! This was a first for us. I had never dealt with it and I didn't even know where to start. The nurse was giving me all kinds of helpful information, but I was feeling very overwhelmed. My stress level has been high these days; with trying to find a house in Florida and getting everything done here and everyone where they need to be. So first thing first though, I have to get Carson to school so he doesn't miss the bus for his field trip. I got to school just in time and as he got on the bus I started bawling in the parking lot. I couldn't hold it back. I had a sweet friend tell me like it was about how bad lice really is to treat. I appreciate the honesty, really Shannon, it wasn't you that made me cry! :) I just needed my moment I guess. 

Luckily, another fantastic friend saw me and got out to see what was wrong. In an instant she was on the phone and had an appointment for me at The Lice Place...yes, that's what its called. And that's all they do!! Thank goodness she took it upon herself to do that. Katie, I can't thank you enough!!!

So, as I wave goodbye to my baby on the bus, where I was supposed to be with him, we were all off across town to The Lice Place. I got checked first, and NEGATIVE. Phew! I figured Logan next and then the girls because they would be harder. Logan was positive. Then, by some miracle, both girls were NEGATIVE! They even went back and double checked very well. I couldn't believe it!! A small miracle in my day! I was prepared for hours and hours and hundreds of dollars. It took about 1/2 hours to treat Logan and $140. But well worth the trip across town and the money! I would have had no idea what to look for. I was really overwhelmed with all the info the nurse was giving me. So now, everyone is clear. I have to take Logan back on Monday for a check to make sure. And they guarantee   their work for 30 days. So that takes us to the end of school. Im good with that!! 

I did have to come home and do loads and loads of laundry. The washing machine is still going this morning. And lots and lots of vacuuming. If I'm going to treat it I'm going to do it right the first time and cross my fingers and pray we NEVER deal with this again!!! 

I missed my baby's first field trip. And yes, I cried in the school parking lot. But we all have our moments, right? Carson had a good time, Ms. Karen and Shannon sent me lost of pictures. And I did what I had to do. Life goes on.


  1. Oh man, this is a serious real-life story isn't it?! I'm so glad you were interrupted by grace with the girls being negative. Praise the Lord! Thanks for sharing your story; we have so all been there, whether it's lice or some other life-hiccup!

    1. Yes Heather, I most certainly was!!! I felt the LOVE in that moment for sure!!

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