Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Break 2015

THIS CREW...all in 1 house for a couple of days!!

We went the opposite direction of everyone else for Spring Break and we headed north to see friends and family. The kids had not been back to Ohio since we left in May and they were hankering for some time with their friends. So far Beavercreek has been the only place my kids have thought of as "home." And they were missing their favorite, people, places and things! It was a FUN FILLED and EXHAUSTING week filled with GREAT MEMORIES!

We drove 600 miles on Monday to Columbus, Ohio. On Tuesday, Aunt Shendy, Sammy Reese and Grammie drove down from Canton to see us! The kids were so happy to have some cousin time! We went bowling, swam and played at Recreation Outlet! It was a fun filled twenty four hours!! 

We drove over to Dayton on Wednesday morning and sated until Saturday. We saw so many friends! I am so thankful for everyone we saw. I didn't get pictures of everyone but I was just so happy to catch up with everyone and so were the kids! I am have been blessed with AWESOME friends!!

Logan and Melina got to spend the night at Carl and Allison's house where Julie spoiled them with homemade pancakes for breakfast (Thanks for having them Julie- they LOVED it!). And I am so thankful for Astrid (and Ed!) who let invade their house for 3 days! LOVE YOU!!

Here are some cute pictures I did get from the week.

COUSINS...Look at this happy crew!
Oh how we missed Roosters!!!

Greater's Ice Cream Factory!

Sweet Friends!
Melina got to see some of her classmates from last
year at a playdate no the Trebein playground!

So glad we were able to connect!

"I'm never letting go!" - Allison Fischer
This moment brought tears to my eyes!! 

Ella and Meeka played a lot of Minecreft together!
Trent is just along for the ride! 

Trent and Meeka!

SkyZone Dayton

Fischer and Miraglia Crew after the sleepover!

An early morning movie with the crew!

They had some rousing games of Hungry, Hungry, Hippo!

Carson was big enough to do the water slide!

These two were so excited to sleep together!
They made each other laugh like no one else does.
I was so happy to see these best friends united!!
(although we won't be so happy with a picture like this in a couple of years!)

Can you not see the JOY in their faces!!!!

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