Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Fun...and more

May is looking to be INSANE...but April is finishing with a bang too! It was a busy week. It finally stopped raining, so we played outside A LOT! We were late to bed, and rushing most nights because we stayed outside so long. But we had a really fun week! 

Some cute pic from last week of my baby...

Kindergarten took a field trip to the zoo on Friday. 
Meeka and I had a GREAT day together! 

On Saturday evening Melina danced at the Italian Festival. We got there and it poured and stormed. However, it cleared up within about half an hour, or so and they were able to dance twice. It was an absolute muddy mess, but we made the best of it. We ate and drank and had a great time together! 

Hula-Hoop Champion!

Sunday was gorgeous! Meeka has a softball game and they had a little jamboree at the fields for a fundraiser, so we did that too!

Also, Melina got her backhandspring on the FLOOR! 
So PROUD of her hard work!

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