Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Organizing A Small Pantry

Warehouse Clubs are my friend; it takes a lot of food to keep 6 people happy and fed! But when you don't have a big pantry (or much extra storage space in general) it takes some organization to make it work. To make the most of my space, I used stackable baskets from Target (which I had made in Birmingham), as well as  an over the door pantry organizer from Amazon. 

I recommend as much as you can take out of boxes and bags, do it! Pour your flour, oats, sugar, etc. into containers. Take those little instant oatmeal packets from the box and put them in a bin. Open granola bar boxes and snacks and dump them into a "Snack Bin" for easy access for the kids (see the bottom bin).

To make the labels I bought the cardboard cutouts fromHobby Lobby and laminated them with individual sheets that I got from there too. I hole punched them and used some ribbon to
tie them onto the baskets. Simple and easy.

To label the flour and sugar containers I used rub on letters that I found at Hobby Lobby too.

This over the door pantry works really well BUT, I recommend using two to four
medium size rectangle command hooks placed UPSIDE DOWN to hold it in place
and keep it from swaying any when the door is opened and closed. 

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