Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Festivities and Weekend Fun!

We had a fun filled jam-packed weekend. Here are some of our highlights. 

The Pumpkin Barn

We went to playtime at the Pumpkin Barn on Friday with Dayton Mamas. Lot of friends and fun, but it was COLD!

These two cousin troublemakers were climbing the fence to get a better look at the combine harvester.

Two out of Three 2 & 3 yr olds looking in the same direction and smiling is not bad!

Burying themselves in the corn

Checking out the animals

Headfirst into the hay

Fun at Home

I made a giant spider web in our living room and dining room on Friday. We had fun exploring it and finding different ways to navigate through the web. I had the kids do "trust leads" through the web as well. It was a great experience for Logan and Melina to trust each other to lead them through without getting hurt or tangled. They took it very seriously.

Just because this was cute!

Logan working his way through

Big Step!

Logan leading Melina. She had her eyes closed.

Corn Maze

The Boy Scouts had their annual corn maze day on Saturday at Sweet Apple Farm. We accidentally took the hard maze instead of the easy one…we were defiantly LOST in the maze! I think the boys had a good time…not so sure about the rest of the crew.
Melina had a couple of girl friends to keep her busy.

Carl was our leader through the maze.

Carson just wanted to hide in the corn

Acres and acres of maze

Enjoying and Apple Cider Slushy after the maze

Strikes Against Breast Cancer

Our Babysitters sorority was hosting a fundraiser for Breast Cancer, so Logan, Melina and I went bowling for 2 hours to support them. We bowled 3 games and they could have done more. It was very enjoyable! And the turnout for the event was fantastic! They said they raised more money than ever!

Logan bowled great and many times he never even hit the bumpers!

Melina used the bumpers to her advantage!

I got into the action as well!

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