Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Playdate

Yesterday the kids had their weekly playdate and we painted a pumpkin, because what kids don't love to paint a pumpkin, and for the big boys I gave them a hammers and golf teas and a large pumpkin. The boys decided the golf teas were bullets and they were murdering the pumpkin. All of the kids had a good time. After the big boys were finished the younger kids took to the holey pumpkin. I gave them the wooden mallet from a toy though instead of a big hammer. It was a good exercise in coordination for the little ones.
Painting the pumpkin

Carson painted for a long time.
The finished product.
"Hmmm…where should we shoot him next?"

checking out the latest wounds

Meeka in action!

The final murdered pumpkin

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