Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why I like Grounding my Kid!

Yesterday Logan and a neighbor boy did a VERY BOY thing (they thought it would be funny to throw tomatoes at cars). This action got him grounded for the next week. And secretly I am so excited that he is grounded! Not because I love punishing him, but because I love having him back to me. The strong lore of friends, who might be playing while he is not, is overwhelming at times. And to be honest it drives me INSANE! Yes, I like that there are kids in the neighborhood to play with. And I love seeing kids of all ages come together for pick up games of baseball and football. BUT, the fact is, his brain is sometimes filled with the urgency to play, play, play with friends instead of doing other things, even things he should be doing. BUT when he is grounded (or he knows no one is home) and the lore to play is not there, he loves to read with me, do art projects and go hiking, etc. He is still a little boy who loves to play with his mom! I cherish and love this time together and secretly wish I didn't have to always contend with friends. Don't get me wrong, I love a good playdate, its just the constant friends outside and at out door where he can always see and hear and smell the "fun" going on. So that is why I secretly LOVE grounding him. In fact, maybe I'll find a reason to ground him for another week…. or maybe not…guess that wouldn't be fair. Oh well, I will enjoy my week while I have it.

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